Welcome to the Photovoltaic Engineers and Technicians Association

We have all seen the Solar PV industry flourish in the last few years.

Government initiatives, large scale Private Equity funding and Hedge Funds looking for secure long term financial returns have meant a huge surge in the deployment of Solar PV as a credible form of renewable energy.

Now that we have the systems in place and supplying a good portion of the UK energy needs, we need to ensure their continuous operation. This has so far been achieved by a dedicated team of Solar PV Engineers and Technicians.

Many of us have come from a background of the electrical / electronic industries and trades. I feel that we should now consider the role of a PV Engineers / Technician a recognised specialist trade.

To ensure we can continue to a build a recognised, strong and safe industry, it is essential that we strive to achieve the following:

Due to the ever increasing speed in deployment and the goal to reach grid parity, UK standards and general good practice during installation have been overlooked in recent years increasing the breakdown and premature failure rate of PV Systems plus lots of lost production. For a PV Engineer / Technician this causes frustration but can also have serious implications for health and safety.

After 10 years in the PV industry I have set up PVETA to help to achieve a strong voice within the PV industry and to ensure our skills and commitment are recognised and respected.


I hope we can all achieve this common goal.

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